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Phone Numbers and E-mail:

Fax:  (086) 312-3868882 

Mr.Chenjie: (086) 312-3852880 EXT 809 chenjie@testmould.com

Mr.Zhangdajing:(086) 312-3852880 EXT 806 zhangdajing@testmould.com

Mrs Sarah: (086) 312-3868016 EXT 808 sale8@testmould.com

Mrs Jenny: (086) 312-3868016 EXT 804 sale4@testmould.com

Mrs Alisa: (086) 312-3868016 EXT 810 sale10@testmould.com

Mrs Amy:(086) 312-3868016 EXT 813 sale13@testmould.com

Mrs Iris: (086) 312-3868016 EXT 808 sale3@testmould.com

Mrs Ann:(086) 312-3868016 EXT 807 sale7@testmould.com

Mrs. Lucy:(086) 312-3868016 EXT 802 sale1@testmould.com

Mailing Address:

2 Floor, North Building, No. 11, Keyuan Road, Development Zone, Zhuozhou city,

Hebei Province,China.ZIP Code: 072750

Hours of Operation:

8:00 A.M. to 6:00   P.M. by phone
8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. for on-site sales unless by
appointment East Standard  Time (Greenwich Mean Time +8)
Monday - Friday,except Holidays




All sales' E-Mail address and telephone are shown on this webpage. To avoid others pretending to be our staff, please check these information carefully. 

Because recently we find that some cheater imitated our company's mail address to cheat customer.

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