Concrete test hammer
Concrete test hammer
Concrete test hammer
Item No.HT-225
STANDARD: ASTM C 805, BS 1881:202, NF P18-417,
DIN 1048 AND UNI 9189
Key Features

Concrete testing hammer

For the non-destructive testing of the surface of hardened concrete in order to evaluate the strength in various parts of a structure.
The concrete hammer is supplied complete with carrying case, grinding stone, and instruction manual.


Model HT-225

Impact energy:                                                                            2.207 Nm
Strike hammer stroke:                                                                   75 mm
Stiffness of strike tension spring:                                           785±40 N/cm
The rebound values calibrated on steel anvil:                              80±2
Free length of strike tension spring:                                       61.5±0.3 mm
Work temperature:                                                                -4oc— +40oc

Environment humidity:                                                   95% (relative humidity)
Gross weight appox:                                                                   1.4 Kg