Concrete test hammer
Concrete test hammer
Concrete test hammer
Item No.HT-20
Key Features

Concrete test hammer

This instrument applies to inspect compressive strength of mortar in masonry for industrial and civil buildings in general sintered common brick masonry.


Model HT-20

Measuring strength ranges:                                         1.0-25 Mpa
Normal impact energy:                                           0.196 J(0.02kgf.m)
Strike hammer stroke:                                                     75 mm
The friction force of cursor slider:                                 0.5±0.1 N
Spherical radius of strike rod:                                          25 mm
The rebound values calibrated on steel anvil:                  74±2
Dimensions:                                                               Dia.54×268 mm
Gross weight approx:                                                       1.6 Kg