Ductility testing machine
Ductility testing machine
Ductility testing machine
Ductility testing machine
Item No.TD-508C/TD-508D
Standard: ASTMD113
Key Features

Ductility testing machine

Test the length of asphaltum when asphaltum is drawn to break under certain temperature and speed.

The machine can perform three simultaneous tests. The bath is fi tted with an immersion heater in order to obtain, in normal conditions, the 50°C test temperature using, as stabilising element, the cold water circulation in the stainless steel interspace.

Model TD-508C, TD-508D

Power supply: AC 220 V (-5%~+10%), 50 Hz

Measurement range: TD-508C:1.5 m (±10mm),

TD-508D:2.0 m (±10mm)

Heating type: by an electric heater

Heating power: TD-508C: 3000 W,

TD-508D: 3200 W

Bath circulation: by a magnetic circulation pump

Temperature controllin range: 5~49℃; digitally displayed

Temperature controlling accuracy: ±0.5℃

Dragging speed: two grades, 10 mm/min and 50 mm/min

Measurement accuracy: ±1 mm

Ductility display: Controlled by microprocessor, digitally displayed after data processing

Refrigeration type: by a compressor,

TD-508C: input power is 950 W

TD-508D: input power is 1200 W

Ambient temperature: -10~+35℃

Relative humidity: 85%

Total power consumption: TD-508C: not more than 4100 W,

TD-508D: not more than 4500 W