Fully automatic triaxial tester
Fully automatic triaxial tester
Fully automatic triaxial tester
Item No.T-5001/A
ASTM D2850·D4767·D7181
Key Features

Fully automatic triaxial tester

▪ Used to perform large range of Triaxial tests on soil samples to determine the strength parameters and the mechanical properties.

▪ Capable of performing:

  ▪ Standard Triaxial Tests:

    ▪ UU Test (Unconsolidated Undrained Test)

    ▪ CU Test (Isotropically Consolidated Undrained Test)

    ▪ CD Test (Isotropically Consolidated Drained Test)

 ▪ Wide range of advanced Triaxial tests (ie, K0 consolidation,custom stress paths, extension tests … etc)

 ▪ The load cell is installed inside the cell to eliminate the piston friction calculations from the test and provide very precise measurements, which is directly applied on the sample. The water-proof load cell is made completely of stainless steel.