High Temperature Ovens
High Temperature Ovens
High Temperature Ovens
High Temperature Ovens
Item No.TH series
Temperature up to 500°C.
Temperature fl uctuation is less than ± 0,2 °C .
Temperature spatial variation is less than ± 2,5°C at 200°C
(measure done with 9 probes inside the work chamber).
Key Features

High Temperature Ovens

The high temperature ovens are easy to use and get functional and practical machine together, at very reasonable prices compared with furnaces.

They are suitable for a large number of applications: burning, degassing, pre-heating, hardening, hot air sterilization, tests ... in many branches of industry.

All high temperature ovens are strongly ventilated for the accuracy and homogeneity of temperature in the volume.

Low thermal mass insulation materials and strong power rating have been used to achieve rapid heating.

2 sizes of ovens are available: from 125 Liter, 343 Liters.

The inner casing is made of corrosion and heating resistant stainless steel, type 321. The outer case is made of sheet steel, finished in a tough stoved epoxy paint. (colour light grey RAL 7035) No contact between inner and outer case and an optimised insulation minimise heat transfer to the ambient air and heat dissipation. Walls and door are insulated with glass fibre. The insulation is 150 mm thick,this ensures effi cicent operation, low external temperatures and excellent thermal stability. A special gasket provides a good seal between the door and the oven body, aiding insulation. The insulation as well as the gasket are asbestosfree.

The door is hinged on the right hand side and closed with a robust 2 points fastener.