Marshall compactor
Marshall compactor
Marshall compactor
Item No.EDC-2
STANDARD: EN 12697-10, 12697-30, BS 598-107
Key Features

Marshall compactor

This equipment is used for the preparation specimens for Marshall stability testing in compliance to BS 598 standard.

The digital controlled marshall electric compactor is suitable for preparing bituminous mix specimens (dia.101.6mm x 63.5mm) used in marshall stability testing. The trip mechanism is designed to make the hammer fall at the same distance for every stroke. With some features of digital control, compact times to be preset freely, auto counting and easy to operate etc.

Model EDC-2

Hammer weight: 4.536Kg±0.009 Kg

Hammer head: dia. 98.5 mm

Specimen cylinder dimension: 101.6 x 63.5 mm

Drop height: 457.2 mm

Compact frequency: 60 RPM

Compact time range: 0-999 times

Dimension: 540 x 540 x 1740 mm

Power: 220 V, 50 HZ, 370 W

Weight: 150 Kg