Muffle Furnaces
Muffle Furnaces
Muffle Furnaces
Muffle Furnaces
Muffle Furnaces
Item No.MF-1200
Used for high temperature heating and drying.
Key Features

Muffle Furnaces

Main features:

1. Resistance wire embedded inside lining, up, down, left, right, bottom, 5 surface heating, furnace temperature uniformity.

2. Having a vent to discharge the steam and other gases, prolong service life of heating part.

3. Having a hole to observe the heating condition.

4. Chamber adopts advanced light material (0.29 density), compared with the traditional muffle furnace weight the 2/3, the rate of temperature have doubled,

save the energy, the life expectancy increased 4 times.

5. Controling temperature by programmable temperature control meter, intelligent temperature control, easy to operate.