Slump flow test apparatus
Slump flow test apparatus
Slump flow test apparatus
Item No.SM-FL & SM-BP90
Standard: EN12350
Key Features

Slump-Flow test
This test method covers evaluation of the deformability of freshly mixed self-compacting concrete(SCC) from observation of the deforming speed and the spread diameter of deformed sample under the self-weight.This test method is intended for use with highly fluidised concretes made with superplasticiser. It is not applicable to concretes made with aggregates whose maximum size
exceeds 40 mm.


SM-FL Slump cone
Manufactured from sheet steel protected against corrosion.
Top dia. 100 mm, base dia. 200 mm, height 300 mm.
Weight approx: 2 kg

SM-BP90 Plate
Made of steel, 900 x 900 mm with engraved 200 and 500
mm dia. circles
Weight approx: 10kg