TPZ-1 sieve shaker
TPZ-1 sieve shaker
TPZ-1 sieve shaker
TPZ-1 sieve shaker
Item No.TPZ-1
Model TPZ-1 High-frequency Sieve Shaker is mainly used for graded analysis of non-cohesive and dry grain substance.
Key Features

TPZ-1 sieve shaker

Vibrating Screen is a latest laboratory automatic screen designed and developed by our factory, applied to particle analysis in the fields of pharmacy, metallurgy, foods,cosmetics and grain, and characterized by convenient

operation, no rotary component, and electronic controlled amplitude and frequency. Its performance index is equal to that of the vibrator with sieve manufactured by German FRITSCH. In comparison with the traditional manual screen,it can greatly reduce labor intensity of operators and raise working efficiency. It is an essential laboratory screen for particle analysis.


Model TPZ-1

Shaking frequency: 500 times/min.

Shaking method: up and down

Shaking amplitude: 1.5 mm

Time setting: 0 – 60 min. selectable

Motor power: 25 W

Sieve size: Ø200 x 50 mm (9pieces) or Ø300 x 75mm (7pieces)

Sieve opening: 20 – 0.75 mm

Power supply: 220 V 50 Hz

Dimension: 430 x 430 x 750 mm

Weight: 16 kg